How Can I Ever Teach Again? Is Online the Answer?

I left teaching.

Or maybe I didn’t.

Actually I don’t know.

This blog is going to explore teaching from point A to point B and talk about why so many teachers leave teaching to do something else.

I never EVER thought I’d be one of those teachers.

You know…the ones who leave after 5 years or so.  It’s been 10 for me…and now I’m done.

I’m seeking a higher quality of life because teaching, for me anyways, was not it.

I lasted 10 years.

So..why did I leave teaching?  I left teaching for a myriad of reasons but the main one?

1 student. 1 assault. 1 break down.

That’s it.

Even typing about it now is painful.

It is hard for me to talk months after what happened about what happened.  It has driven me so far away from teachign that I even have taken over $20,000 in credit loans to get away from teaching.

I do not and will not ever teach in that place called a public school again.

I will never be anxious from teaching ever again.  Any Anxiety I get is going to come from standing in front of a crowd as a motivational speaker.

That’s my movie.  That’s what I’m setting out to show the world now.

The hardest part of this journey for me now?   You’d never believe it.

It’s my mother.

She doesn’t believe in me and I have to tell you….that’s a big awful thing.

I wonder how I ever got to where I am with a mother that is so negative like that.

I don’t know if retirement has done it to her or what but that lady is one negative biscuit with no honey.

She is trying to convince me to stay in teaching and what she doesn’t know is that I’m going to be a millionaire…heck…maybe even a billionaire and why?  Because I’ve decided to be one…and I’m going to work my tail off until I get there.

So there you go!  If you want to join me on this ride as I talk about teaching and why teachers have left the profession (and more of my experience) then hop on and let’s take this ride!

I’ll even throw in tid bits of how I”m becoming a billionaire. :)

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