Teaching or Working from Home?

I want to leave teaching.

Having 18 year old kids tape the mouths of the freshmen and then deny that it happened just isn’t my thing anymore.

I work in a school district where if they see a student going after a teacher on camera but no one else sees it in real life….it gets brushed under the rug.

How do you work and perform in a place like that?

Is it the fault of the times?

Are kids really that bad these days and schools are so hard up for money that they would rather hide the information about what really goes on behind school walls to avoid bad press?

What about the times when one of the students gets shot in a late night escapade and he was a known drug dealer?

Rather than say “That’s what will happen to you if you deal drugs and choose to live a risky life”, they say: “This is so sad. Let’s have a memorial in our auditorium and make the student like a hero”.


A Hero?

You’re going to have a huge event to commemorate the memory of a drug dealer?

Yes, it was sad. Yes it sucks he made bad choices and got shot and that his mom is on crack.

Yeah..that all sucks.

But to hold a huge event in his memory?

We should be celebrating and saying “Thank God, we don’t have to worry about the drugs coming into our school from that source anymore”…but no.

I am not cold hearted.

I’m just not warm hearted towards a drug dealer.

Rather than investigating and seeing the impact he had on kids in a negative way, we are going to celebrate the drug dealer.

I just don’t get it.

I’d rather work from home doing mlm reviews than sit in a school where kids can assault their teachers and it goes unreported because God forbid that the public finds out that the school has no backbone.

The girl who assaulted me should have been kicked out for good…but the school has a soft spot for delinquents and those that disrupt the classroom setting because they bring in money.

Thanks goodness for no child left behind.

Our schools truly have created a great learning environment and to top if off, they grade teachers based on high students taking tests.

Can it get anymore unreal than that?


Ugh to education.

-From a former education advocate.


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